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  The Position of Women in Post-Apartheid South Africa: An Assessment of Gains and Losses When: 4/29/2011 1:00:00 PM
Where: Student Center Room 205
Stan Brunn

In South Africa, I have a couple specific research projects that I want to work on. One examines what role the Dutch Reformed Church has played in service projects to the African and Coloured communities since the ending of apartheid. I would like to know if the church has become more social justice oriented.

A second project is to look at images of post-apartheid South Africa, especially in its stamp designs and themes. Since all stamps are “products of the state,” I want to know what new topics and themes emerged with the end of apartheid. For example, what new individuals have been commemorated? What new holidays and festivals and historical events have appeared that did not before?

Third, I would like to look at other examples of post-apartheid iconographies, such as street name changes, monuments erected, renaming of public spaces, etc. It could be that while in Cape Town, a couple other projects will surface, but I am always willing to explore these with colleagues as well. I also plan to visit other geography departments in South Africa while there. 


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