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  The Position of Women in Post-Apartheid South Africa: An Assessment of Gains and Losses When: 4/29/2011 1:00:00 PM
Where: Student Center Room 205



As the College of A&S culminates its year of celebrating South Africa we hear from a group of students that are experiencing the country first hand this summer.


Elizabeth Wachholz

This blog follows me through my experience with the South Africa & Kentucky Program.

I am a Juinor at the University of Kentcuky, and I am involved in the South Africa & Kentcuky: Different Lands, Common Ground class. Although I am not enrolled in the course, I have chosen to take part in the program because of its interest to me. The program focuses on both current and past issues inSouth Africa, such as the fight against AIDS and the former aparthied, which has lasting effects today. My personal reasons for taking part in the program extend from my interest in global health issues, as well as a way to learn more about and take part in different a culture. MORE >

Sarah Acton
Hello! My name is Sarah Acton, and I am a senior at the University of Kentucky majoring in Apparel and Textile Merchandising. I am in my last year of college and decided to take “A&S 100-049: South Africa & Kentucky: Different Lands, Common Ground” for fun.

I have never been out of this country until recently. This summer I traveled to Central America with my boyfriend, and because of this, I am a changed person. First of all, being a white girl from a small town, besides being the only female in a family of 4, I had never experienced being in the minority. MORE>

Joseph Mann
The following blog is my journey through A&S 100 the Fall of 2010; a class titled South Africa & Kentucky: Different Lands, Common Grounds. A course that emphasizes the importance in the similarities between the racial equality struggle in Apartheid South Africa and that of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States during the middle part of the 20th century.

I am truly excited for this course as well as having the opportunity to try out some blogging on the film "Have you Heard from Johannesburg" as we continue through the semester! Enjoy! MORE>

Brad Gosser
The 1970s saw a huge shift in the age composition of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. The tone of “The New Generation”, part three of the series “Have You Heard from Johannesburg?” gave me the impression that the older generation of black South Africa was weary from a lifetime cursed with a bitter combination of too much work and poverty. MORE>

Brooke McCloud
I am a senior journalism major, and I want to one day work as an international journalist. Eventually, I want to do documentaries, travel journals and global news. I am participating in the events that the Arts and Sciences Department is putting on for Kentucky and South Africa: Different lands, Common Ground program. I hope to be an intern for an NGO in South Africa next summer. MORE>

Andrea Gonzalez
While apartheid in South Africa shares characteristics with both American slavery and the Jim Crow era, it was more closely related to American slavery. Even though no one “owned” people during apartheid, there were still many aspects and restrictions of the government rule that closely resemble slavery in America. MORE>

Kimberly Nicholas
I’m Kim Nicholas and majoring in international studies at the University of Kentucky. As an international studies student it seems like education abroad is almost a necessity. In fact how can you claim to be knowledgeable and interested in this major without wanting to go abroad? From a very early age I’ve been interested in other cultures and always wanted to travel. It seemed so captivating to be able to experience things outside of Kentucky. As a theme and area for international studies I’ve chosen International Relations and Africa/ Middle East. International relations jumped out at me because I wanted to see how governments and states make and enforce foreign policies especially in the sense of human rights. African culture and issues dealing with human rights is my favorite subject to learn about and I would love the opportunity to experience it firsthand. That’s why when I first got the email on this internship and A&S 100 049: South Africa and Kentucky: Different Lands Common Ground, I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. MORE>

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