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  The Position of Women in Post-Apartheid South Africa: An Assessment of Gains and Losses When: 4/29/2011 1:00:00 PM
Where: Student Center Room 205
Undergraduate Involvement

Program in International Understanding

  • Attend or participate in 10 events, exhibits,museums, performances, or research projects during the South Africa & Kentucky theme year, 2010-2011, and gain an item for your resumé that demonstrates your interest in and knowledge of international themes.

Study Abroad

  • Spring 2011: Students will enroll in a two credit-hour course, where they will sharpen their writing and digital editing skills, and begin learning about a South African non-profit organization. They will collaborate with the non-profit to design a service learning project to be completed during the second course in this series. Students will also learn about the rich history and culture of South Africa by attending a number of campus events and other class sessions on South Africa.
  • Summer 2011: Use your skills and education to help a South African non-profit organization (NGO), while gaining invaluable career experience. South African NGOs play a vital role in providing services to the economically disadvantaged and improving the lives of South Africans.


  • A&S 100-063: South Africa & Kentucky: Different Lands, Common Ground taught by Lauren Kientz. 
  • Course on Peace and Reconciliation Commission taught by Adam Banks in the Division of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Media
  • Andre Odendaal, will teach a 300-level A&S course: Sport and Society: Historical Perspectives on South Africa from the Earliest Times to the Present
  • Jennifer Goodlander will be running a Black Theater Workshop, culminating in a play during the World Theater Festival. The workshop will be listed under TA 384 or AAS 384. It also counts as a Gender and Women's Studies elective. Contact Jennifer Goodlander at goodlander@uky.edu.
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